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00 Flour Explained: The Secret Ingredient to Nonna's Delights at Bella Nonna's!

Here at Bella Nonna's, we strive to bring a taste of authentic Italy straight to your table. One of the secrets to our incredible breads and pastries is an ingredient you might not be familiar with: 00 flour.

But what exactly is 00 flour, and why is it so important in Italian cooking?

Bella Nonna's 00 Italian flour
Bella Nonna's 00 Italian flour

What is 00 Flour?

Unlike North American flours categorized by protein content (bread flour, all-purpose flour, etc.), Italy uses a grading system based on grind size. 00 flour, also known as "doppio zero" (double zero), is the finest grind available. This ultra-fine texture creates a silky smooth flour that behaves differently than its more common counterparts.

Why is 00 Flour Integral to Italian Cooking?

The magic of 00 flour lies in its ability to produce light, airy doughs perfect for pizza crusts and fresh pasta, pastries & great bread! Here's how it achieves that:

Fine Grind: Because it's so finely milled, 00 flour absorbs liquids more evenly, leading to a smoother and more elastic dough.

Gluten Development: While some might think fine flour means low-gluten, 00 flour can have varying protein content depending on the wheat used. Durum wheat varieties often used for 00 flour create a strong, but less elastic, gluten structure. This is ideal for pizza dough that needs to be strong enough to hold its shape but still crisp up beautifully.

Bella Nonna's rising Dough
Bella Nonna's rising Dough

Double Zero vs. All-Purpose Flour: What Are the Differences?

While you might be tempted to substitute all-purpose flour for 00 flour in a pinch, there are some key differences:

Grind: All-purpose flour has a medium grind, resulting in a slightly denser texture compared to the airy lightness of 00 flour.

Gluten: All-purpose flour typically has a medium gluten content, making it a good all-around choice. However, for pizza dough that needs to be crisp yet maintain its shape, the specific gluten structure of 00 flour creates superior results.

Bella Nonna's fresh baked bread.
Bella Nonna's fresh baked bread.

The Bella Nonna Difference

At Bella Nonna's, we use authentic 00 flour in many of our products, from our delicate pastries to our oven baked bread. This dedication to using the right ingredients is what allows us to create those quintessential Italian flavours you've come to know and love.

So next time you visit Bella Nonna's, take a bite of our delicious bread or decadent pastries and experience the difference that 00 flour makes!

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Danette Lambie
Danette Lambie
Apr 12
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